Multimedia exhibition




The observed reality is the place that reflects what we observe in relation to what belongs to our inner world



PANDORA - 2019


Appearances and apparitions of elements that inhabit our creative and oneiric sphere

feed images that synthesize on one hand our experiences, sensitivities and passions,

on the other the fears and tensions that belong to the world in which we live






Visions and illusions become a way to express a higher reality, made of irrationality and dream

with which the viewer can measure him/herself by recognizing part of his/her own sensitivity and/or empathizing

and letting him/herself be guided by myths, stories and legends in which to brush up dreams and desires often set aside






Using Lo Pinto surrealist oeuvre as a starting point, the project Appearances and Apparitions merges visual art,

theatre, music, video mapping and dance to bring to life Lo Pinto’s photographs

and their oneiric commentary on humanity’s most intimate passions and fears



MEDUSE - 2019

Ugo Lo Pinto photographs the prodigy, the impossible installation, the phantasmagoria of imagination.  An extremely cinematic apparition - close to Bergman's poetic and to those scenes of the knight who played with death - but full of an archaic lyricism, based on that symmetry and disposition of the figures typical of the Athenian pediments and Alexandrian sarcophagi. Locating itself between surrealism and Hellenism, Lo Pinto’s imagery is placed in the best of today's heavenly heights.

Corrado Radini Tedeschi
(dal Catalogo “ Esposizioni triennali arti visive - Roma 2014” - ed. Mondadori)






Ugo Lo Pinto, Photographer and Director of Photography, participated in numerous feature films and documentaries including: "Monk with a camera" by G. Santi and T. Mascara, selected at the Oscars in 2015; "The Family Whistle" documentary about the Coppola Family, in competition at the Camera d'Or at Cannes 2016 and winner of the Boston Film Festival (USA) for best cinematography. "Krokodyle" by S. Bessoni, was awarded best film for the Puerto Rico Horror film festival and mention SILVER MÉLIÈS at SITGES in Barcelona. He collaborates and curates the photography of numerous films and documentaries by Luciano Emmer, a leading exponent of neorealism. 

He exhibited during the Rome triennial curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, and teaches cinematography at Luc Besson's L'ecole de la cita in Paris.

He is currently involved in various projects, including a historical film, produced by France-Algeria, about the character Larbi Ben M'Hdi – central figure of the Battle of Algiers; HELIOPOLIS a film by Gacem Djaffar – prodArt film Alger; A AMOUR TO THE CASBAH film by Belkacem Hadjadj.







Hers are not dresses, nor models, or clothes but flow of ancestral visions, that suggest a unique way of observing the appearance of our body and how the "skin" that covers us, has transformed, over the millennia, into a living plasma, affecting the trasversal histories of the passage of time.

"More than clothes (or clothes to inhabit) these are apparitions under which the ghosts of deified bodies, which have ceased to be "individuals" to be transformed into icons, sculptural objects, or even gestural exercises, in oracular flow"







Neus Gil Cortés is a choreographer, director and dramaturg. After graduating from CODARTS in 2006, Neus danced in some of the best companies in Holland and UK including Hofesh Shechter Company, National Dance Company of Wales, Protein and Dance Works Rotterdam. 

In 2015 Neus created her own company, Nua Dance, which is currently touring QUIMERA, a multidisciplinary performance and a dance film featuring circus and dance artists supported by Alacran Group and the Arts Council of England

Neus' work has been commissioned internationally (Italy, Holland, UK, USA and Spain): for festivals and venues such as ZED Festival (Bologna, Italy), Circa (Auch, France), One Night’s Dance (Rotterdam), Wales Dance Platform, World Stage Design (Cardiff), Feedback Festival (Madrid), Ignition, Resolution! (London), Dance Springs(Suffolk) and Ellas Crean (Madrid).  She directed the London Youth Circus Ensemble in 2018 and will direct the NCCA degree production in June 2020.

While based in UK, Neus works internationally as a guest artist: teaching, mentoring and choreographing, including residencies in New York and Los Angeles in 2015, 2017 and 2018, and workshops in Holland, Spain and Italy.

Neus also collaborates as a dramaturg with choreographers Richard Chappell, Johnny Autin and Feet Off the Ground. -





An Italian-born, Miami-based freelance curator and environmental activist, Ombretta brings more than twenty years of curatorial expertise with an international practice across non-profit institutions, commercial galleries, and art advisory pursuits with private clients.

Since her move to the US in 1998 she has curated solo and group shows in Europe, the US and Asia collaborating with museums, art festivals, commercial galleries and art fairs, as well as the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.  Ombretta's 360-degree understanding of the intricacies of the art world comes from her work within both the non-profit and for-profit worlds.

She joined the Art in Public Places Committee for the City of Miami Beach (2013-2018) and  the board of IKT, the International Association of Contemporary Art Curators in 2014, for which she organized the 2019 IKT Miami Congress.  She also contributes to various art publications and has written essays for several books and catalogues.

An avid swimmer, diver and kiteboarder, since moving to Miami in 2013, Ombretta's passion for the Florida waterways inspired ARTSail, a nomadic artist residency and research initiative that instigate creative and climate change inquiry. - -




 Alacran co-founder. Based in London and Jamaica. Lives, breathes and dreams music and art. Passionate and visionary.

“I dream of providing artists with the tools and support to create award winning art”.




The Alacran Foundation develops and supports existing arts, music, sports, entrepreneurial and environmental programs and, community initiatives based on best practices as well as eco-friendly and innovative approaches to problem-solving and community building.